Our group supports OVCs and people living with HIV / AIDS, 

since 1998 !

Zachary Ngare, president founder of HOYWIK


How do you evaluate the familial context of the child ?
Yes of course, here in Kibera it is not sheldom to deal with children having familial issues. It is our routine to proceed with home visits to any child we have to take care of.

Are some starving here in Kibera ?
Yes, in many families there is no father. Children are raised by their mothers, often prostitutes. Children have lunch here at the school, from the crops we grow in our field.

Do HIV+ children have problems here, like in many other countries in the world, to be  accepted at school  ?
Not in our school : more than a third of our students are infected or affected by HIV. But many children have suffered from discrimination and serological segregation in other schools because of their status.

Is drug use an issue here in Kibera ?
Drug use is one of our biggest issue. Young teenagers and even children about ten years old are concerned ! Heroin is the most common drug in Kibera, very cheap product. We also have a local drug called "spirit" (surnamed "Obama"), here you find it around every corner. Young children drink it easily, it is a disaster.

How do you deal with prostitutes mothers ?
Ten percent of school children's mothers are prostitutes, openly. Sometimes, they even send their young girls to bring money home. Promiscuity is also a big problem in such a small but none the less crowded area, like Kibera.

Is the government offering any kind of help to those children ?
Not much but every time a chil is abandonned the authorities are warned. But still, there is only one orphenage dedicated to HIV+ children, and there is only one hospital here in Nairobi : Kenyatta hospital?

Do you often suffer of war or conflicts ?

Yes, during last election for example last year, Calvins Omara one of our children has been killed by the police. Our office has been burned to the ground.

Do you have files reporting children vulnerability ?
Yes always, and those files are done for every child. They are confidential of course.

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