Our group supports OVCs* and people living with HIV / AIDS, 

since 1998 !

Our  History     Since 1998, our organization is to address a multitude of activities (see below). One of HOYWIK's current projects is conducting a needs assessment survey of how many orphans are living in the Kibera slums, determining whether or not extended family members are caring for them, and ascertaining what their most pressing needs truly are. 

                      Most people lack even the most basic food security. Residents of Kibera infected with HIV/AIDS not only need antiretrovirals and basic medication for their opportunistic infections, but they also need clean water to ingest them.

                                HOYWIK  stands for "Humanity for Orphans, Youth and Widows Initiatives Kenya".
Since 1998, no matter all the difficulties, we are standing here to help our community (national registered NGO since 2000).

*OVC = orphans and vulnerable children

Zachary Ngare and our team, 
with the children HOYWIK is taking care of. 

What is HOYWIK  ?

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        Zachary Ngare
        president founder


Humanity for Orphans, Youth and Widows Initiatives Kenya

P.O.BOX 54431-00200, City Square
Olympic Shopping Centre-Kibera Slums
Nairobi Kenya