Our group supports people living with HIV in Tachkent since 2006

Our  History     Since 2006, we are working with AIDs children and their familiy. We offer psychological advice and counceling, trainings and non-medical help.

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Members  of  our  Team

Training Non-medical care for HIV-positive children” 

with liders of Initiative Groups of PLWH from 7 Regions of Uzbekistan !

         Children room is in Day care Centre “Swallow”

A short review of our programms :

  1. home based nursing
  2. Psychological help and councelling
  3. Trainings for people living with HIV and their family
  4. non-medical care support to HIV children and their familiy members

We think about expansion of services for HIV-positive children and their families in the region of Uzbekistan, in particular to the Ferghana valley.

Project, financed by  Central Asia AIDS Control Project CAAP

“Rendering non-medical care and support 

for HIV-positive children and their family’s members”

Goal of the project:

Improvement of the level of life of HIV-positive children by rendering services on non-medical care, support and expension of access to the treatment of ART.


The present project is the first in Uzbekistan aimed  at  the realization  of complex  aid  to HIV-positive children  and members  of their  families, which  will  improve  the level of life  of HIV-positive children, ruled by experience and exchange of information among  members  of HIV-positive children’s families, medical specialists and social workers- members of multidiscipline teams by  means of regular  and coordinated  team  work  on granting services for non-medical  care, support, treatment of  ART for   HIV-positive children.  

Tasks of the project:

  1. Improving  of specialists potential and families  in the  sphere of rendering   non-medical  care  for HIV-positive children;
  2. Maintenance of services for the close ones of HIV-positive children;
  3. Provide of the level of preparation of the close ones of HIV-positive children for ART treatment.

Measures of the project:

1.    Training of the project  staff and specialists on rendering non-medical care for HIV-positive children;

2.    Preparation of close ones of  HIV-positive children  for ART  treatment;

3.    Provide of the level of being  informed  of close ones of HIV-positive children on  the problems  of treatment, care, support  through conducting  individual consultations,  based  on “peer to peer”  principle, telephone  consultations,  by giving consultations  of the project  specialists: social workers,  psychologist and phthisiopediatrist; 

4.    Improvement of psycho emotional  state  of  close  ones  of  HIV-positive children, by means  of conducting  groups  of mutual  aid  for  the  close  ones of  HIV-positive children;

5.    Design out  of IEM  and methodological materials  as well  for rendering  services  to HIV-positive children;

6.    Rendering  psychosocial  aid  to HIV-positive children’s families;

7.    Rendering client management   of HIV-positive children  to medical and  social offices;

8.    Rendering of home  patronage;

9.    Lobby to  adaptation  of  WHO Protocol  on granting  palliative  aid  to PLWH;

10. Formation of the data base of clients users of the project services.




Target groups of the project:

         -  HIV-positive children and close ones, specialists, rendering services for HIV-positive children 

            (ART and care).


Beneficiary of the project:

          -  HIV-positive children and their close ones.


Geography of the project:

- Tashkent, Tashkent Region.


Partners of the project:

1.   Republican AIDS Center (RAC);

2.    Scientific Research Institut of Pediatrics (SRI of Pediatrics);

3.    Scientific Research Institut of Virology (SRI of Virology);

4.    Legal ClinicAsia-Europe Consult”.




The most noticeable events for the last years

·    February 2009the membership  of multidiscipline teams  is defined  on the  basis  of RAC,  SRI of Pediatrics, SRI of Virology, Daycare Center “Swallow”   

·    March 2009 – Day care Centre for HIV-positive children and families affected by HIV “Swallow” was opened. Multidiscipline teams  MDT began functioning.

·    April 2009   there was held the training with the participation   of international consultant Olga Panfilova “Non-medical care for HIV-positive children” for the staff of the project and liders of Initiative Groups of PLWH in 7 Regions of Uzbekistan.

·    May 2009 - early 2010  - actually achievement of the put tasks of project.

·    2009 - 2010  - we fulfilled the opening of three new daycare centers in three different regions of Uzbekistan (and we are still building our network of HIV prevention, in collaboration with 7 other HIV / AIDS centers of Uzbekistan).

Services of the project:  

(are rendered  by  the members  of MDT: social workers,  nurses, pediatrists,  outreach workers on the  basis of the RAC, SRI of Pediatrics, SRI of Virology, Day care Centre “Swallow”):

·         Education of  close ones  of HIV-positive children  to the skills of care;

·         Consulting  on the  problems  of children’s  adherence to ART;

·         Educative  sessions for  the  close ones of HIV-positive children  on the  preparation  for the adoption  of ART  and  formation  of  adherence  of HIV-positive  children;

·         Consultations  of social  worker  on the   life with HIV and reception  of  status  on the  “peer to peer”  principle;

·         Consultations  of psychologist;

·         Education-training activity  with children’s psychologist for HIV-positive children  (group of pre-school preparation and another);

·         Consultations  of a  lower;

·         Consultations  of a doctor-pediatrist;

·         Consultations  of phthisiopediatrist;

·         Mutual aid group  for close ones of HIV-positive children;

·         Accompaniment and  help  in hospitalization  of  HIV-positive children   into  medical  and other  clinics;

·         Home patronage  of HIV-positive children   by social  workers  of  the  project;

·         Telephone line functioning  on the problems of HIV/AIDS +99897 494 01 60;

·         Transportation  of HIV- positive  children  to medical  prevention offices;

·         Distribution  food  stuff rations  for HIV-positive children;

·         Spreading of IEM for the close ones of HIV-positive children.


Provide of the level of preparation of the close ones of HIV-positive children for ART treatment;

At present  regular  educative   sessions  and individual  consultations onpeer to peerprinciple are held for the HIV-positive childrens  families members by the  social  workers  of the project  concerning  ART and  other  problems.


In 2008, the general number of beneficials of the project was 840 persons, of which 410 positive children and 430 adults ! 

In 2009, we fullfilled the opening of three new children and family daycare centers in three different regions of Uzbekistan.



  • Close and regular  contact with the clients;
  • Claim and active  presence of clients at Daycare Center “Swallow”;
  • Presence and work of MDT;
  • Constantly functioning mutual aid group for the families of HIV-positive children.



Daycare Center «Swallow» Tachkent