Our group supports people living with HIV in Samarkand since 2003

Our  History     In 2003, the "harm reduction project" of our Swiss sponsor, helped many drug users to discover their serological status. Then, several people living with HIV among us decided to create this group.

Today, our group is counceling and supporting hundreds of people facing AIDS in Samarkand. Some of them are almost living in the street with their children, without proper food, clothes or regular medical care !

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Members  of  our  Team

On November the 18th, 2008 

A short review of our programms

  1. Out-reach for drug users
  2. Psychological help and councelling
  3. Trainings for people living with HIV and their family



Initiative group of
people living with HIV

  • Uzbebistanskaya ulitsa, 27
  • Samarkand, Uzbekistan