Our group supports OVCs and people living with HIV / AIDS, 

since 1998 !

Main activitie     

                              One of HOYWIK's current projects is conducting a needs assessment survey of how many orphans are living in the Kibera slums, determining whether or not extended family members are caring for them, and ascertaining what their most pressing needs truly are.

                                "AIDS orphans here often suffer extensive abuse by extended family members that are bitter about their increased financial burden or at orphanages ill-prepared to give them the love and care they need," said Ngare who, along with HOYWIK's other core members, has been trained as paralegals by the Children's Action Network. "We try to identify abused children before the children get transferred to government facilities, and see if there's anything we can do to restore harmony at the family level." 
(Words of Zachary Ngare, a Kibera native and president founder of HOYWIK  |  Global Health Council report)

                                 Our school welcomes every day tens of children from our community of Kibera. Many of them are HIV+. Back home, they have no father, no food. We offer to our children a free lunch from the crops we grow ourselves, in the field close beside the school.

Zachary Ngare and our team, 
with the children we are taking care of. 

Our community       


                                   Besides, we are conducting a multitude of activities, including :

-  HIV/AIDS awareness, home-based care and hospital visitations

-  youth mobilization and peer education

-  micro-enterprise efforts to benefit orphans and widows (project of a cafeteria to generate incomes)

-  and even efforts to fight domestic violence, drug abuse and environmental degradation.

Our volunteers and workers do evertything they can,
to improve our children's community quality of life !